Professional Groups & Training Stays

We know visiting Prince Edward County isn't always to play, sometimes it's work!

Professionals Training or working in the Prince Edward County area have full access to our facilities. This building's main purpose is to serve as a military or other professional training group accommodation, through our primary Training Company here in the County. We welcome public guests to stay with us when your groups are not utilizing the facility. If you are on your own training exercise or through our company, we welcome you to stay. 

We boast a 1500sq foot Fitness Area for combatives, defense or other physical training. We can accomodate classroom set up with folding tables and chairs.  Our bunk rooms to sleep up to 16, an additional 6 private rooms for instructors or designated staff.  We also offer outdoor tent camping for up to 50 participants with additional outdoor facilities set up.  The Backcountry Inn & Hostel is situated on 12 acres of wooded area, limited walking access to a private forest area with private beach access for water and wilderness training. We offer full instruction for all skills training as well. See our training site for details. http//

We have a fully secured safe storage room/lock up available for ammunition and firearms.

Private Sector & K9 Training

We do also accomadate Private Sector Training Companies with your training courses as well. Including K9 Training Companies.

Movies and productions

Shooting a film or other production locally, we can house your crew together and arrange catering. 

Please contact us to arrange your training stay and for Military and Law Enforcement Discounts.