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Common Areas & Amenities

Since it's our Mission to give you an Affordable, Comfortable, Clean, Safe and Cozy Hostel Stay, we have designed all the Common Areas & Amenities to encourage social interactions. We hope you enjoy your trip and have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, or even hang out solo and enjoy a community based atmosphere. Aside from the sleeping spaces, the rest of the property is based for Common/Shared Amenities and is aimed at bringing our guests together in everyway possible. We do not have WiFi - This is to keep you engaged and present in your stay and to encourage you to mingle and socialize with others and even add some quality time if you stay with your own company. (There are Hot Spots nearby and in Town)

Below is a snap shot of what you can expect during your stay. Our staff is very creative and it is possible that they move around furniture and design spaces often! So there may be some slight re-arranging when you arrive! We love our staff and they love it here. 

Outdoor Space

Bon Fire Area
Dining Areas
Plenty of Green Space
Wooded Backdrop
Sunset View
Lots of Parking
A Million Stars!

Courtyard View.jpeg
Hostel Front View.jpg
Group Fire pit_edited.jpg
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